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Odd & Even Guide

How the game progresses
  • The first round of the game starts every day at 00:00am. Each round takes 1 min. Therefore, a total of 1440 rounds is played every day.
  • At the start of the game, the first ball is the open ball, and the second ball is the hidden ball.
  • Only balls are used.
  • The total number of balls is 30.
  • 20 seconds before the end of the game HIDDEN The ball will be drawn.
Odd & Even game
  • Have an added number of open balls and hidden balls Odd and Even Matching the game.
Hidden ball Under/Over game
  • Hidden ball number is (under) by 5.5, and (over) .
Hidden ball RED/BLUE Gam
  • Hidden ball color(RED/BLUE) Matching the game.
Hidden ball EVEN/ODD Gam
  • Hidden ball OddEven(EVEN/ODD) Matching the game.