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Hilow Guide

How the game progresses
  • The first round of the game starts every day at 00:00am. Each round takes 40 seconds.
  • Therefore, a total of 2,160 rounds is played every day
  • ♠(spade), ♡(heart), ♣️(clover), ◇(diamond) 4 patterns the game is played with 41 cards(A~10 each pattern and 1 Joker card) except picture card(J,Q,K).
  • All game results are counted as the last open card only, except for the first one (burning card)

HI / LOW game
  • it will be played use numeric cards which a(1) to 10
  • A(1) to 5 is low and 6 to 10 is high
RED / BLACK game
  • Red / Black : guess right to card color which is a last opened
  • guess right to WILD CARD which is a last opened
  • The WILD CARD is only one in the card deck, and spade jack is wild card (the total number of cards is 41).
Void results regulations
  • crown game voids all rounds due to errors such as natural disasters or Internet
    problems, unusual errors (including emergency maintenance).
  • It will also void all rounds in situations where the system have malfunctions
    due to malicious attacks.
  • All rounds due to Dealers error or card exchange errors will be voided.