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CROWN Sutda Api Service Exercise

1. This is an API example used when applying for a service.

2. Please verify before applying.

  • Exercise JSON
  • Exercise XML
  • Result Parameter Description
    date the kcard01 kcard02 korea jcard01 jcard02 japan result
    date round Korea First card Korea Second card Korea First, Second card result. Japan First card Japan Second card Japan First, Second card result. game result
  • Each card has a value from 1 to 10. If it is greater than 10, it is set to the remaining value after subtracting -10.
  • The game result is K,J,T,cancel. Ex) K = korea, J = japan, T = TIE, cancel = exception
  • API URL ( JSON )
  • API URL ( XML )
  • API URL Parameter Description
    apidomain -
    Registered API address when applying for service
    type *necessary
    Type of data to be provided. xml or json
    date -
    If you enter, you can receive the date data. ex) date=20170101
    the -
    If you enter the data, you can get the data of that time. ex) the=127
CROWN Sutda Api Service

1. 24hrs monitoring service

2. 24hrs technical support service

  • CROWN Sutda Api Price
    Monthly fee(per month) Traffic (per month) Site allowed
    1,500,000 KRW 5,000/day unlimit domain
  • Traffic refers to the number of times connected to the API server. The service continues even if the traffic is exceeded, and the additional amount will be delivered on the next month.
  • Kakao Talk : CRW2016
  • Telegram : CROWNLIVE9
  • e-mail :
CROWN Sutda Iframe

1. Live CROWN offers a variety of CROWN Sutda iframe design.

2. We will come back with more various and entertaining designs soon.

  • PC IFRAME ( SKIN #1 ) ★AUTO SIZE★ (Horizontal size min 650px) Preview
    <iframe src="" width="최소650이상" height="사이트에맞게조절" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" ></iframe>
    PC IFRAME ( SKIN #2 ) ★FIXED SIZE★ (Horizontal size 900px Vertical size 595px) Preview
    <iframe src="" width="900" height="595" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" ></iframe>
    MOBILE IFRAME ( SKIN #1 ) ★AUTO SIZE★ (Horizontal size 100%) Preview
    <iframe src="" width="100%" height="사이트에 맞게" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" ></iframe>